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Hukm by Shah Safi II

Date Ziqa'dah 1077 / 25.4.1667 - 24.5.1667
Content The document answers a complaint of the governor of Shirvan Najaf Quli Khan, whose wazir Mirza Kamran did not receive his rasm-i wizarat of 980 tuman for 14 years because the local peasantry at one time had been exempted from taxes. A reduced amount of 450 tuman is to be levied.
Type hukm
Category Imperial and Royal Decrees
Script nasta'liq
Archive Azarbaijan SSR EA Respublika Aliazmalary Fondu (Baky)
Publication Musavi, T. M.. Orta Asr Azarbaijan tarikhina dair farsdilli sanadlar (XVI-XVIII). Baky: Elm nashriiiaty, 1977. 137-39
Keywords taxes | tax exemptions | vazir/vuzara | peasants | Safavids
Individuals Safi II, Shah
Places Shakki | Shirvan | Azarbayjan
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